🎄 Christmas Wishlist 2020 🎄

Hey @sampoullain I think this is a typo?

  • Reducing time to credit open banking top-ops

Surely that should read “top-ups”?

I wish my holding stock WIMI will be taken off.

Thanks, Tony, fixed it!


As you asked, my personal top three features in order:

  1. Autopilot
  2. Dramatically more stocks, including everything physically possible in London (incl. AIM, nationality declaration, REITs in ISA), US (including US REITs), Hong Kong, Tokyo, Europe of course.
  3. More insights - checking my TWRR against various benchmarks, dividend data (someone even suggested a dividends tab).

This my personal wishlist and the Freetrade team will deliver a lot of important features in the order of what our broader customer base needs and wants most in the coming months. The guiding principle is to help our customers get better financial outcomes.


Personally I really want a new graph for our portfolios, I’ve said it countless times on this forum but the graph we have is borderline useless for analysing your portfolio performance because if you make regular deposits the graph is completely distorted and you can’t actually see your stock growth. I just want a graph that shows our profit/loss over time, I don’t think this is a crazy feature to request it’s actually a pretty basic one that should’ve been in the app from ages ago. They obviously have the data as our profit/loss is displayed under the portfolio total, I’d just like this amount plotted on a graph.


It’s time :christmas_tree:

  • Thousands more stocks and ETFs — everyone’s favourite stocking filler, from across the US and UK markets, for both the Free plan and Plus membership
  • SIPP — Freetrade self-invested pension plan. Sign up for the waitlist.
  • TWRR (time-weighted rate of return) — the cumulative percentage gains that your investments have made over the time that you’ve been investing
  • Benchmark — compare your performance to a global benchmark, such as FTSE All World, across time frames of 1 week, 1 month, 3 months and Max
  • Free Share 2.0 — making it easier for you to refer friends
  • Stock fundamentals — data about stocks, like market cap and dividend yield. And even more stats for Plus members
  • In-app content — articles about investing and the markets
  • Improved IPO experience — get them first, and see what’s coming soon

When you invest, your capital is at risk. The value of your portfolio can go down as well as up and you may get back less than you invest.



Apologies if this has been previously covered, but what’s the process for adding a stock so it’s available to Freetrade users to trade? A link would be fine, if you have indeed already covered this.

Hey Trent, you can search for it and vote for an existing thread, or start a new one.


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Apologies if I wasn’t being clear. I wasn’t asking about how I go about requesting a stock gets added. I was asking how Freetrade itself adds stocks. The behind-the-scenes process. Even though it would be technical and I’d likely not understand, I’m curious.

Looking forward to Benchmark!
I’d like 1M,3M,6M,12M options but 1 Week is useless to most investors

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Please better graph functionality😇 ( check revolut for comparison).


We hear you. I think you’ll like the incoming TWRR feature.


May I ask for Xmas present unwrapping animation in app every time that a feature is announced :upside_down_face:


A wish list advent calendar :christmas_tree:

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Would be awesome to have up to down as a figure and percentage on the graph over all time without cash deposits included. Currently very hard to work out what total return is as it includes deposits. Just want to see how much capital growth total portfolio has without cash deposits or withdrawals :pray: Swiss stocks would be an amazing add to ISAs​:pray::switzerland:


Isn’t that money weighted return?

Is it possible to ask for US ETFs?

Stake offers that if you have more than 30K in your portfolio and can get an investor accreditation…

Could we include this as well please?

Edit: adding some crying emojis :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:


If anyone taps on their Portfolio Performance ribbon within the Insights tab you can see a glimpse of the upcoming update letting you select the time frame. It’s in the top right for about a millisecond.


My millisecond seems to be eternal, it’s a functioning feature on my screen! :grin:

And TWRR incl benchmark - earlier than expected, thanks Freetrade!

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