🎄 Christmas Wishlist 2021 🎄

Since last years was quite popular, I figured it was time to do the annual Christmas Wishlist again, before Freetrade announce their own.

On our Wishlist last year in order of popularity:
Auto Invest :x:
SIPP :white_check_mark:
Live Pricing :white_check_mark:
Euro Stocks :x:
Lower FX Rate :x:
Buy Specific # of Shares :x:
Fractional Shares for UK Stocks :x:
More Detailed Account Summary :x:
REITS :white_check_mark:
More Robust Plus Offering :white_check_mark:
Nationality Declaration :x:
More AIM Stocks :white_check_mark:
Income Tax Reporting :x:

I’ve carried forward the ones we’re still waiting on from last year, and added most of the suggestions below. 320 people took part last year, will be a good indicator to how engaged the community still is a year on if we exceed that.

I’ve set it up so you can choose a top 3 as well, rather than just 1.

2021 Wishlist

  • Auto Invest
  • European Stocks
  • Lower FX Rate
  • Buy Specific # of Shares
  • Fractional Shares for UK Stocks / ETFs
  • Nationality Declaration
  • Income Tax Reporting
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Announcement on European / World Expansion
  • Announcement on Crowdfunding
  • Exporting Portfolio Data
  • Trailing Stop Losses
  • Freetrade Web Version
  • SIPP Employer Contributions
  • Multiple Currency Accounts ($ / €)
  • Any kind of in-app update
  • Increase £25k limit :eyes:

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Auto invest


Fractional Shares for UK Stocks


Auto invest please :crossed_fingers:t3:


The title doesn’t include the word Freetrade so I’m tempted to ask for outrageous worldly expectations like being able to take availability of food and fuel, and affordability of energy, for granted.

Freetrade wise, Euro stocks, being able to buy specific number of shares, ability to pull data on current holdings for external analysis, visibility of cash as well as % P/L in investments, would be my main ones.




Trailing Stop Loss :santa:


Fractional ETFs


I’m a fan and investor of Freetrade, but all I can say is that I use Trading212 for all my investments now. They have no FX fee, the ISA is free and they have more stocks including nationality declaration.

Not sure if that business model is sustainable, but from a pure cost efficiency standpoint I use that broker. I prefer Freetrade’s ‘ethos’ and customer service, but on pure money saving they would need to compete with that to bring me back. So in terms of a wishlist, it would be an offering that is competitive in this regard.


Get a new homepage graph that just plots profit or loss because the current one is useless when you make monthly deposits and gets completely distorted.

I have gone on about this for the past 2 years and will continue to until it’s resolved because it’s such an easy fix and I cannot for the life of me figure out why they haven’t fixed it. Just add a home page graph that only plots profit/loss and doesn’t get distorted by adding/withdrawing money.


Not quite free at 0.15% (introduced in April https://helpcentre.trading212.com/hc/en-us/articles/360018256638-Introduction-of-FX-Conversion-Fee-in-Invest-ISA) but cheaper than Freetrade

So perhaps likely that other fees will be introduced in the future if they want to remain sustainable.


What do we want?

A Freetrade JISA!

When do we want it?

Ideally in the next 12 months providing it fits within the broader roadmap and doesn’t distract the focus of engineers and away from other things we also want!



Some form of regular communication for investors.


If you’re making a poll it’d be nice if everyone had say 5 votes to vote for their top 5 features, I think that’d give a more balanced view of preferences, rather than just one vote each.

I’d add a few stock markets to this, and a few features which are commonly requested.

  • Employer contributions 56 Votes
  • Web version of Freetrade 591 Votes
  • After hours trading 232 Votes
  • Tokyo Stock Exchange Listings
  • Shenzhen Stock Exchange Listings
  • Bombay Stock Exchange Listings
  • Toronto Stock Exchange Listings

I hope they focus on all of that before things like crypto which feels to me like a distraction which plenty of other apps do anyway.

Things I think are likely to happen in the next few months:

  • Crowdfunding
  • Euro stocks announcement
  • Currency accounts in some form to support Euro stocks
  • Some more IPO listings (freetrade has been great at getting these on quickly)

Would be great to see autopilot at some point soon too.

I’m feeling pessimistic about other features given the paucity of communications/features from freetrade over the last 6 months and the departure of Ian (do they have a new CTO yet?) but would be happy to be surprised. They could do with tidying up the ideas section here, because a few of those have been ticked off already in some form I think (e.g. watchlist and limit orders).


A way to export your trades / dividends etc. or at the very least a yearly dividend statement for tax purposes ( the activity feed doesn’t cut it for this ).

For people to be holding 1000s in £ assets and still not have a way to export any details is a pretty poor show to be honest.


The poll is now live - please scroll up to the top. You can choose your top 3, rather than just your favourite idea.


Great poll. Thanks for setting up.


Lets hope free trade take note of the votes so you can get a good Christmas surprise

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Will be good to see what Freetrade put on their list if they do one this year. Should give us a idea if we are getting the European expansion before Christmas.

Am not expecting we will get much on the Christmas list though as they have gone extremely quiet recently.

I am hoping for another AMA meeting before the end of the year to lay out Freetrades plan for 2022.:innocent:


At this point, just any update at all would be amazing. Last major update was Live Pricing back in July I think