Freetrade Features I'd like to see

want to start a thread of ideas which users think Freetrade needs to become a unicorn.

1.) Bitcoin
2.) more share insight pages eg.
a.) the ability to see in ascending order the biggest share movers by price in your portfolio over the day, week, month year. So when your taking a glance at your portfolio you can see whats making the best and worst influence on your bottom line.
b.) weighting of country exposure, this would be really useful with covid and elections.
3.) increase Gameafication- whilst this is a controversial topic. Gamefication is what has made facebook, tinder etc. the biggest companies in the world. This could include trophies, setting targets and being congratulted, possibly entering challenges.
4.) search feature- for stocks you’ve bought and sold in the activity tab
5.) website
6.) The ability to set alerts on when certain stocks reach certain prices, as sometimes you want to know but not necessarily buy or sell, especially during market volatility.

please feel free to add more- here’s to an amazing 2021 - just annoyed hering mates move to Trading 212 and that’s why I think these features could put our competitors to bed

  1. only if it’s a regulated ETC. No crypto on Freetrade please.
  2. really like those ideas
  3. Would rather they avoid gameafication
  4. Price alerts would be great

For me what they need to become a unicorn is:

  • Launch SIPP
  • Expand into EU (I want to see this early 2021)
  • Launch JISA/LISA
  • Hit 1M users

This :point_up:


Agree with this, Those features are far more important for a Stockbroker than Crypto/Bitcoin. Although I wouldn’t be opposed to crypto being added a few years down the line when Freetrade has all the features you would expect from a world beating stockbroker

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I just want them to show my FT shares in-app. I’m not too demanding.


While I’m more interested in the wider feature requests (I’m not an investor in Freetrade myself yet), I think gamification would need to be so light touch it is maybe not worth having.

I wouldn’t want Freetrade to challenge anyone to make X amount or gain X% as that could push some people to take risks they are educated about.

That leaves things like “make first buy” “sell first stock” and “top up account” which I am not too bothered about.

That being said, I love gamification and the concept of it as a whole. It’s powerful and works but I think there’s a right time and place. Savings platform yes, investment platform, not so much.



bitcoin here to stay only getting bigger and not offering it will push people to spend their money on platforms that offer it

Bitcoin isn’t a regulated type of investment, it’s fraught with issues with fraud, half the banks ban bank transfers to crypto exchanges. I don’t see how it fits Freetrade?


But it’s not a stock, and freetrade is a stock broker. Arguably adding Bitcoin would be losing focus on their core business.

Lets get the core functionality done first, then worry about expanding into other areas


I agree with all of your ideas except 1 and 3. There’s a few threads on some of the ideas as well that you might want to look at.

1 is obvious, it’s not a regulated instrument and freetrade isn’t a crypto exchange. There’s something to be said I think for focusing on being good at a specific thing than trying to do everything.

As for 3. I’m almost in no doubt that the FCA will hammer down on manipulative gamification of retail share dealing in the future. It’s fraught with problems. Unlike gamification of health for example where we have well understood research showing how exercise is good for you, the same can’t be said for investments and gamification to date seems to simplify down to essentially encouraging people to make on the spot investments with little information and little consideration of risk.

I mentioned on another thread that gamification of investments can have serious negative effects including issues with mental health and potentially physical health not to mention the loss of all your money.

So in that respect I’m very much against almost all types of gamification


I like the better insight sharing and price alerts - definitely interested in price threshold notifications.

In order:

  1. Real-time pricing
  2. Technical chart options
  3. Faster addition of stock requests
  4. Selectable time limits for returns on stocks (as opposed to the default 1 month)
  5. Spark lines for stocks
  6. A better ‘home page’ that covers both ISA and GIA accounts in 1 view

I’d like to see options trading too but can’t see this being incorporated anytime soon.

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I think I agree with all the suggestions other than Bitcoin and gamification.

Bitcoin would be a short term boost for freetrade but long term I don’t see it driving growth (they’ll struggle to compete with crypto specific exchanges and larger companies like revolut. Also I think it would likely detract from their image as a safe place to put your pensions and major investments and that kind of trust is hard to build and easy to lose.

Gamification as well as being very dangerous for users wouldn’t help freetrade that much I think it would boost user numbers but it would probably make older investors and those with larger amounts of money think twice. This could lead to considerably lower AUM.


:arrow_right: [Feature Request 🔧 ] Include Risers/Fallers & Sparkline on Investments - #4 by Wulfy

Agree, the LISA options in the UK are horrendous at the moment.

HL - old fashioned and archaic practices
AJ Bell - much of the same
Moneybox & Nutmeg - Little control/influence on the stocks invested in and so non starter for many

I suspect their are a bunch of us with LISA’s on other platforms, simply holding cash for the bonus and not willing to invest via the above platforms for the obvious.

We need a FT LISA in the same way we have a FT ISA!

Additionally, it MUST allow transfers :slight_smile:


You’re right, I hold a Nutmeg LISA for the bonus. Would love to move this to Freetrade in future for my future :slight_smile:

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We can but hope my friend :+1:

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The number 1 feature I’d like to see is Auto invest. This can be a game changer for any investor


My wish-list (in order of priority):

  1. Fast addition of SPACs and bigger stock universe (i.e. more small caps, canadian stocks etc)
  2. Lower FX fees / USD accounts
  3. Self-invest JISA
  4. Leverage / Options
  5. Sharable investment pies / web-interface

WEBSITE please