Clap for Key Workers

I am not sure if it’s a national thing, but in our tiny village people went into the front garden at 8am and everyone clapped to thank key workers for going out, risking themselves and keeping everything going as best as possible.

If something comes out of this mess, let it be that we learn that accumulation at all costs can not be the way. We destroy the planet, and we create massive economic disparities between the have’s and the have-not’s.

Some seem to think that Key Workers are not worth the often minimum wages that they are on, or that they should get by on salaries that don’t allow them a decent life style, or necessitate them to work multiple jobs. Some seem to think that they are beneath them.

Let’s take a moment and think about all the doctors, nurses, firemen, teachers, bus drivers, military, police, and all the others who keep going, often without any choice in the matter.

Are the heroes the captains of industry, the politicians, and the billionaires who have created an economy that is so brittle that it requires massive stimuli whilst it only benefits them, or the celebrities who come out with meaningless platitudes and moan about being locked up in their multi million mansions, or are the real heroes our Key Workers?

Let this crisis be a lesson on how we should be a guardian to our planet, but how society should also value those who do the work that really makes a difference and recognise and reward them accordingly.


As a person working in the Royal Marines me and many others have been delivering food and medicine to those most vulnerable over last day or so, the support and appreciation we have received has been incredible thanks too anyone who has taken part, keep safe :pray: