Clover Health – Hindenburg short report

Why hasn’t Chamath come out in defense of Clover after all the negitive news?

Starting to lose a bit of faith in Chamath…

Anyone else feel the same??

Not at all.

I think if Chamath had released a statement already he may have been criticised as being defensive. Some may have considered it an emotional response, given that Hindenburg’s “King of SPACs” comment was a direct dig at him.

Ignoring it could be the smarter move… for now. And at the end of the day, Clover’s financials will be what determines the stock’s future movement.

I agree, Nikola released that terrible point by point rebuttal which got them nowhere (I think it was also delayed). Other people have criticised the report anyway which is fair enough. I see Chamath as a bit of a hype man anyway to be honest, he’s obviously not involved in the day to day of 6/7 companies, he hires good people and makes good introductions and moves on. Now he’s becoming a meme anyway. I have bought the dip (not a recommendation :wink:).

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I bought the dip too. BofA reiterating its buy rating and $20 price target gave me confidence!

I take it back lol


Response to the response:

Hindenburg are relentless. Apparently, they have no short position in Clover, so they must really have it in for Chamath.

I read the report, it might have some weight against CLOV but the way report targeted Chamath, by naming and shaming him, it sounded more like personal attack on him rather than report on CLOV. Chamath is a celebrity so obviously he will be targeted.

PS I do have a holding pre-merger and I was planning to hold it for long but not so sure now


Here’s Jim Cramer’s take on it:

I also think health companies are an easier target, partly because they’re not favoured by retail investors.

Look what the shorts did to MultiPlan. Since then, Klein’s CCX/Skillsoft SPAC has failed to gain traction, but, unsurprisingly, thanks to the Lucid rumours, CCIV has.

It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out for IPOD and IPOF.


Timing of his statement, 20min before market closed and stock surged… He does have some following and standing.
I also noted - report was totally personal attack on him, rather than on company itself.
Let’s see what happens next week