Clover Health - CLOV

Hi team,

Please add this recently merged company of Clover Health and $IPOC to the list of shares.

Thank you,

It is on as ipoc mate - they are probably in the process of changing the ticker to CLOV as we speak (type).

edit: it has temp disappeared prob for above

Great thanks for letting me, will look out for the update

Need to be able to buy into at 2.30pm tomorrow…

Yes, the team are processing this corporate action (IPOC → CLOV), and the instruent will be visible tomorrow.


This is turning into a mess…

Anyone know of why the share price dropped so much today. Sec report found something?

Good luck all

CLOV released their Q3 results last night. Revenue reported was as expected but I think not getting love because of other issues

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Pretty strong revenue growth. Still a good one to hold maybe

According to analysts its trading at 75% of fair value so im debating to get in on this stock

Although that DOJ isn’t a good. .

:eyes: :grimacing:

This is the time to invest if you have the balls. But just going on the clover health webpage and seeing the management team made me sell big time.

Hopeless webpage for a company and the mug shots of the team … Shocking. If that’s the quality of the company then the share price needs to drop more…

Gutted I just follow chamath into this rubbish

With Cloverhealth, my buy in wasn’t too far from the $10 offer price so not the end of the world, and it’s only a small holding. It’s also tricky, some of this is in a ISA, and I went YOLO on Unilever with this years allowance :joy:

What do you guys think about the recent news with regards to a potential short squeeze?

Did you get in when you posted this?


59 shares purchased, $CLOV is mooning in the pre-market.


I did! Unfortunately I sold half at the end of April at break even point. More conviction required but there was not as much noise about them at the time

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Hopefully SMT have :large_blue_diamond: :open_hands:
It’s 0.2% of the portfolio :rofl:

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Dropped down to $18 - let’s hope it rallies again before the EOD.