Commonwealth Bank of Australia ADR - CMWAY

Request to add Commonwealth of Australia (if it’s possible to list OTC shares)

• It’s literally a country listed as a company, it’s exciting and weird :exploding_head:

You can’t trade private companies. Also, even if there is an entity that represents Australia as a corporation, there’s no way you’d be able to invest in it.
Or do you mean the Commonwealth Bank of Australia?

Yeah I think he means the Bank. I’ve never really thought about investing in Australia or New Zealand!

I think you’re right. Interesting point, Commonwealth Bank of Australia is the only limited company in Australia which does not have ‘Ltd.’ after it’s title.

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I didn’t mean the bank, it’s related to this Documents: Is the Australian government a privately-owned company? – TOTT News

But I believe the comment by SebReitz just above applies to this anyway :sleepy:

Sorry for want of a better word that article is bullsh*t.

This the same organisation that argued secret government agencies were manipulating the weather. This was then used to start and grow the bushfires to burn a pathway for the new train networks the government wants to build. Not exactly a credible news organisation…

There was a youtube EconomicsExplained video on this recently. Australia is a private company owned by the Australian Treasury. The aren’t shares for sale and the holders aren’t allowed to derive income from the company anyway. The corporate structure is just a mechanism to provide liquidity to Australian banks in the case of an extremely severe recession or bank run.


Thank you for this :+1:t4:

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