Community Meetup: Learn about the Invest Platform (20th November) 👋

We’re really looking forward to hosting our next community meetup. :tada:

We’ll see you 20th November, at a new, exciting location: the Google for Startups Campus in London.

We will discuss how we built a complex, modern brokerage platform.

Expect to hear about:

  • How we selected technologies
  • How cutting-edge tech works with the legacy providers, the “plumbing” of the financial system a brokerage has to connect to
  • How we structured their team for delivery
  • What features the Invest Platform enables, and what’s coming next

This one will have more of an engineering/ tech focus. :hammer_and_pick:

Looking forward to seeing a lot of you there!


Any plans to stream these down the line for the geographically challenged?


Or even just record and have it up on youtube at a later date?


We hear you. We plan to do the same as on previous meetups: stream it on Instagram and post at least parts of it on YouTube.




Thanks for the update Viktor I’ll keep an eye out

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You are of course. But the name is cool, and it kind of makes sense: the cloud provider runs the server, not us - we are serverless in the sense we don’t even have pre-purchased units of capacity.

Acceptable term? :slight_smile:



next: hybrid cloud

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For those scratching their heads a little bit, below are some examples of tech firms using similar cloud infra with hundreds of millions of users:

  1. Snapchat:
  1. Pokemon Go:
  1. Netflix:

Also, read this serverless whitepaper. Every 21st century company should know this:

Source - Serverless Architecture  |  Google Cloud (CloudML Engine is my fave)


Guys, meetup during the middle of the week? Hard to do for the EU-based guys!

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We know! :eu: :eyes: We’ll have monthly ones coming from January, hopefully some of those will work. Looking forward to meeting up again.

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No tickets left :frowning:

Not too fussed, because I’m more interested in Freetrade’s progress as an investor than the tech stack. Still, would have been good to catch up with the team.

We plan to hold more events in 2020, for sure, so hope to see you then :wave:


The tech stack and the people at :freetrade: are what makes :freetrade: :freetrade:. We’d be better investors if we study companies as businesses we co-own. This includes understanding the tech, even if it’s just the high level stuff. (Example: when Buffett put his money in IBM they didn’t study the cloud space enough, so they exited the position with a loss - both IBM and Oracle are :-1: in the world of AWS, GCP and MSFT Azure… :freetrade: seem to be clients of GCP).

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You are right @engineer . I think aws is far ahead of GCP and Azure .

We’ve released 30 extra tickets for the previously sold-out event.

Grab 'em while you can:

We’re looking forward to seeing lots of you next Wednesday!


Thanks again to everyone who came along last night.

You can see some photos here:

It really was great to see everyone again and meet so many new faces :wave:

We think it was one of the best events yet, and we’re excited to hold many more next year.

Check out the presentation:

And watch the video back:

Finally, please let us know where/when/what you’d like us to present at future events!


Just gone through slide deck and video. I failed to understand how investment platform will enable 10X US shares, EU shares and more!!

Would like to know how route to market is going to change with investment platform.

Someone mentioned in forum that it would enable lower fx rates than before but I don’t see that with investment platform, I guess many are misinformed.