Nov-20 / today’s presentation (Building a fintech platform with serverless)

Aside technical aspects, understand key takeaway is that the “Invest” platform will be fully introduced Dec-2019 and will allow for:

  • Instant deposits via Apple and Google Pay
  • 10x more US stocks, EU shares
  • Fractional shares
  • Much better app experience

Q&A was not available on YouTube so the list above might not be full. I still don’t understand why only 10x more stocks, why not just add the whole universe rightaway?


Here’s the link if anyone missed it. Also it looks like the Invest platform has started to be rolled out today and will be up and running Dec 2019! Great work FT!


Excellent. With the competitors hotting up this really was an important step.
Well done team.


If I had to guess, one reason is they still have to figure a solution for correctly working with stocks that require a nationality declaration. And a further guess would be that, as they’ve said on this forum more than a few times, low volume stocks/ETFs aren’t a priority (not because it’s technically impossible, but because they don’t want customers to have consistently poor experiences where trades fail to complete because of said low volume), so that might account for another area.

Many thanks. Does it not make sense to let a customer choose which stock to buy if there is a technical capability to open up the stock universe rightaway? Not sure liquidity that much matters, especially if one is a long term holder.