Community meetup - Meet the CTO May 2023

Fantastic update Ryan thank you for taking the time to put this together.


Ryan, thanks for providing so much information on the meet-up. Very well written with clear and concise details.

Thank you! Great job.


Thank you so much for a well written and presented update for us, it is much appreciated.


Any update on adding video clips from the recent CTO meeting??


@omarft @acamp When should we expect the clips from the meetup?
Thank you


Hi @Freetrade_Team. Could you advise when the clips from the meet-up will be posted please.

Hey all! I’ll be posting these on Friday!

Apologies for the delay. Technical issues with the file, but all sorted now.


Thanks for the update @omarft ! :+1: :smile:

Here we goooo! :point_up:


Hang on, GPT can interact with Freetrade’s data (our data - presumably through an API) but we ourselves don’t get the APIs to go direct? I’d rather get GPT to write me/tune a Python code to work direct through a Freetrade API, and to that end, I can get GPT to do market analysis myself on an actual PC monitor and not a phone so why would I want to use Freetrade to use GPT?

So you don’t have to pay up to get access to gpt-4

I do pay for GPT, seemingly twice now.

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Right but your average person doesn’t. And an internal api for this function isn’t the same as an external public one. I want an api as well. But not a chat gpt api

But if you do pay, you probably use it, if you you don’t pay you probably just kicked the tyres and figured you can do without in which case why would you use GPT. There was talk about this doing lose/gain analysis etc whereas I’ve found GPT poor at maths. I use it for my job in regulatory compliance every single day and text analysis, but when it comes to simple maths I’m not sure it’s very reliable, plus there is a lot of polish needed even on good answers.

Ultimately, Freetrade consider withholding tax as “too complex” so punters have to do their own tax affairs, but GPT would be ace at structuring the compliance into semantic text with rules and then writing the code to follow those rules. But Freetrade want to use it for basic stuff people already do, it’s just my opinion, but that’s just a low bar use creating duplication.

Level of polish for this event is impressive.

Looks like it is done by a different company than a year ago

Keep up the good work! Great to hear the news.


There are multitudes of things we pay for more than twice through the product that we but but we tend not to worry too much about them. Some examples are banking fees, interest, council tax, staff wages, income tax etc.

By the time a business divides the costs up by it’s customer base - and in FreeTrade’s case, charges a higher percentage to non-subscribers, it is relatively inconsequential - particularly if the addition of the service attracts more subscribers and lowers overall costs.

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Well the good news is it seems to make sense to people to use GPT through Freetrade and not directly themselves, so should be good for Freetrade. I did have a friend from uni who searched Yahoo for Google to log into his Google account, so such additional layers can make sense.

But I’ll maintain my confusion that GPT gets to use an API to my account but I can’t do the same.

I’ll also maintain that I’m confused by its use to analyse company statements (likely in PDF which last I checked it couldn’t read). If there was confidence that GPT can reliably analyse companies (tables, text, statements, etc) then why can’t it analyse IRS tax rules with the same confidence in the results?

have been working on computer analysis of PDFs with table data for a couple of years. Can confirm that it is messy right now.

The video’s good quality, can watch in 1.25x 1.5x too!

Mutual funds will be a really big addition! No one asked about the pricing, presumably these are included in the new fee structure which would mean FT are one of only two brokers that don’t charge percentage fees (Interactive Investor being the other one). II hoovered up several billion in AUA just from charging flat fees, the customers didn’t actually like the legacy feel of the product, they just didn’t want to pay the growing percentage fees. Nearly all these transfers came from HL, this could be a real boost to Freetrade if they can get the word out…

Sounds like Shahid is having a positive impact and focussing majorly on speed is what we want to hear! Staff using auto pilot is a good sign, sounds like it’ll be released in June :tada:


Hi @omarft thanks for posting the video. Some great questions and brilliant updates from the Freetrade team.

For those of us unable to attend these community events the video updates are much appreciated. Looking forward to the next one in due course. Thanks!