Complex Investments - Buys restricted

For anybody that still has an interest in this saga I enquired with Freetrade today if there has been any progress around the restrictions or if it would be resolved for the new tax year and the reply was “we don’t currently have any plans to remove this”.


That’s very disappointing

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Freetrade lacks competence when it come to picking which investments are complex.
No other brocker I have checked with would put any of the Vietnam investment trusts in the complex sector. One of my investment on freetrade would be in the complex sector on a competent stock brokers. So it appears to be throw a dart attitude to picking what are complex investments.
Hargreaves Lansdowne has a list of complex (so called) investments each one has a questionnaire. You are not using up anyone’s time you pass the questionnaire you can buy you don’t you can’t.
As an aside it includes bonds? I have always considered them to be the least complex investment.


Can we get an official line from FT on this please?

As suggested above, can you confirm there are no plans to introduce a suitability questionnaire which would allow clients to buy trusts like VOF, IHR, AEWU, BSIF, SHED etc again?

I’d appreciate some clarity as I’m weighing up whether to open a second investment Isa with another provider in April to gain access to a wider range of investments trusts.


Would be great indeed to have some visibility given the flow of new features added recently, as losing the ability to access Apax or Oakley or any other trusts for that matter which are not necessarily available with other providers was a key selling point to use Freetrade …


I noticed on the announcement about new stocks it mentioned a suitability test - I’ve just checked the stock I hold that was restricted (AEWU) and it now says “To be eligible to buy this stock, you must answer a range of financial questions. This is because this stock is considered to be complex.”

Woooh, I passed. But the market is closed now :rofl:


Hey everyone! A lot of these instruments that were taken off are now back on behind an appropriateness assessment.

Feel free to check out our latest additions.


Great news that this has finally been rolled out!

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I didn’t believe you would ever sort it.
Pity as I have had to buy some on trading 212
And some in Hargreaves Lansdowne although in the latter case most you haven’t put on here anyway. IE debt sector. Will we be seeing them sometime in the future?
I was also going to move my ISA to 212. Totally free there but I really really dislike there site. Oh god it’s shite.

Fantastic! This is excellent news. When do you think we can expect Apax and Oakley to be back please?


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Perhaps, the app should show Total hokding, trigger commitments and nett available shares to sell?

This is likely to be a recurring questiin that could be addressed by User Interface change.

Just a thought.

Could do with an answer on Oakley capital (for instance) as I want it for my ISA next financial year. Save me taking out an ISA elsewhere.