Conduity Capital plc - CCAP

This special-purpose acquisition company intends to merge with an as-yet-unnamed company.

Do you know which company yet and any future plans? Can’t find anything…

i’m weighing this up at the moment…Have a look on, there is some chatter about it. nothing concrete though.

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You heard anymore mate?

There was a TR-1 this week which was a disclosure of a large investment. See ftse web site for details.

I’ve gone in on them as part of my speculative investments.

Don’t listen to me though, I’m an amateur at best! Do you own research as they say.

Sucks to still be holding

I’ve got some of this and hearing that it could pay off soon. Something about buys before the deadline from bosses or something. I will try and find the source but I was convinced enough to buy on 1st April which may have been the worst day to trust news stories :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m hold holding 50 shares so not phased at all really! Would love it if you could find the source of that.

I cant find what I read at the time but found these


Price: 0.975

No Opinion


all buys showing as sells

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Actually here is a better report

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Thanks, not entirely sure I fully understand what’s going on still but I do some reading as that does sound positive.

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Anyone heard anything else on this company? Or is it time to give up? :white_flag:

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I feel like giving up too. Shame really. UK spacs have disappointed

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Oh wow, I am so happy if this goes ahead

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Cannot wait for September, wish I could quadruple my position

I had faith this was going to work out as I mentioned above months ago but this could be even better than I expected :stuck_out_tongue: Of course it could still go horribly wrong :joy:

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@Freetrade_Team is there any news as this company failed to takeover or raise the cash, and all shares are cancelled. What happens next?

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Where did you hear this? All I can see is this and it hasn’t been updated in a while.

Regulatory News – Conduity Capital