Contact moderators


How may I contact forum moderators?

My post (a request for a stock on Freetrade) was flagged as breaking the rules.


Posts are flagged by community members.

Did you get a notification explaining why your post was flagged?

There’s no direct way of reaching out to moderators at least not that I am aware of.

You could tag them here (Doyin, Sam etc.) with your query and you may get a response.


My post was on Stock Request:

"[REQUEST] Stag Industrial [STAG]

REIT offering single tenant leases in US. 40% let to e-commerce, and Amazon is their biggest client."

This is a link to a reply notification I received from someone else, who just said that Stag was already listed on freetrade:

If I get potentially banned for an innocuous stock request, then I shan’t post at all. Safer to just read the threads passively.

STAG is already available on FT which is probably why it was flagged but it shouldn’t have been.
A couple of users here mark it as duplicate which is the right thing to do.

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Well, then they should let me know why , instead of sending me this:

" Hello,

This is an automated message from Freetrade Community to let you know that your post was removed.

Your post was flagged for moderator attention : the community feels something about the post requires manual intervention by a staff member.

This post was flagged by the community and a staff member opted to remove it.

REIT, single tenant , industrial properties in US. 40% handles e-commerce, and Amazon is their largest client.

Please review our community guidelines for details."

As above the mods didn’t flag you, someone in the forum did. If you’re posting now you’ll not be banned and if you are it’s only for 24hrs

So, I could flag all my posts and ban myself. Can’t I?

Yes, the flag is there. I shall try and ban myself :slight_smile: