Cool Startup - track your investment reasoning and avoid behavioural pitfalls


Hi Community. I thought this might be a cool startup for those who take their investing somewhat seriously. It allows an investor to create a thesis (reasoning) for an investment and then add measurement criteria, confidence level as the thesis evolves. It ensures you stay true to the reason you bought the shares and avoid behavioural pitfalls. It gives you nudges when it looks like you are making a behavioural error. Looks like there is a sign up for beta right now:

(Alex Sherwood) #2

I like the concept, I’m struggling to find any explanations on their website about how they’ll make money though :eyes:


Guessing SaaS type product?

(Harry) #4

I like this a lot. I’ve mentioned it a few tones to the Freetrade team, building in something like this (eventually I know, ISA and US equities first ha!) would be really valuable I think.

I’ll certainly be testing this and seeing if it’s useful, thanks for the link :slight_smile: