Copper 2020

I’m reading so much at the moment about copper being a good investment for 2020. I’m already invested in gold, so, what is the general opinion of folks on here about this. I have a free share in Kaz Minerals, and this is up 36% in under two months. I am aware that commodities tend to be volatile (dad in scrap metal business). Opinions please.


I agree. I’m going to pick up a lot of copper (and commodities in general) next year.

Again generally speaking, it’s best to get the miners that extract the product for the cheapest price, as when the price of copper dips, they’ll still make money. The cheapest on Freetrade is Glencore, but they’re a racket, so make sure you’re comfortable with what your backing.

I’ve got some Antofagasta, but I think they’re pretty over valued now. Personally I’m waiting for Southern Copper to make it to :freetrade: and I’ll back them to the hilt.

Edit: those who believe in copper make sure you vote for the stock topics you want to see first on FT…

Southern Coppers is here (ahem!):


Thanks, I did do some research a while ago and was not impressed with Glencore. I’ll look into Southern Copper. I research the back out of anything that’s gonna cost me money :joy:

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That’s the secret!

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