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Just wanted to throw a vote behind this one.

Super low cost copper producer with a good dividend and 70 years of copper mining at their projects.

If you think copper is the leading commodity of the next 20 years (as I do!) this would be a great addition to your portfolio.


Also want to throw my hat into this ring.

With the rise of electric vehicles and other sources of energy other than fossil fuels, copper is going to be incredibly important.


Make sure you vote at the top! Community pressure!


Totally agree, lot of metals, including rare earth minerals will all become more precious in the coming years due to tech advances - Copper, Nickel, Silver, Gold, Palladium,Tantalum and many more. FT getting more companies like this would be a very wise investment for all of us. Vote added :+1:

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Glencore is also attractive their copper has a low cost to obtain so if there was a recession it wouldnt hurt them massively. Also they have exposure to other metals such as nickel. They do have quite a bit of debt but they have been paying it down quite aggressively. Copper prices were a little low recently and Glencore have had a few controvesys (but nothing that fundamentally effects the business) so their share price is low but this when you want to get in and buy stocks.

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I hold Glencore, but they’re the ultimate sin stock, you can keep your cigarette and alcohol stocks, these guys are proper mobsters.

If I throw a tantrum will it help SCCO be added quicker?


Adding my vote, having this on Freetrade would be one less reason to maintain a Degiro account.

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Some copper coverage on Seeking Alpha:

You have my vote

Looks like we’ve just missed out on a great period to pick up your favourite copper company!

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:joy::sob: Typical

If you’re bullish on copper (and other battery metals) it’s worth checking out this video:

(And vote at the :top:)

Yes dude, my vote’s there. Talking with my dad recently!

Should we be delighted with SCCO’s 22% ROE…


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