Corsair Gaming

Inc CRSR,This company makes video game hardware, including flash drives, GPUs, power supplies, keyboards and mice.

This has been booming since IPO

Corsair have filed for an IPO on Nasdaq under the ticker CRSR. Hoping Freetrade is able to add this at launch.

I’m hoping this can be added at launch too :slight_smile:

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That’s the plan.

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It has indeed.

I put it on my watchlist then I ended up never buying it (why are there no price alert notifications on FT?).

Simply Wall St thinks it’s still below fair value:

At a P/E ratio of 70, well above industry average of 21.9, is it still worth buying though?

I honestly like the company and probably got lucky in terms of price appreciation. Not quite sure if I would get in now considering the P/E as you mentioned… On the bright side Credit Suisse says the stock to outperform, so who knows

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The way lockdowns are going, and as we’re heading into a proper winter, I imagine Corsair and its peers will perform well.

I was thinking of dusting off the old games I have eg Warcraft.


Risk reward opportunity for Q2 earnings Tuesday is exciting