Could LLoyds Fall into Administration? -- Too Big to Fail?

I think we can safely say that LLoyds is a distressed company.

Even without the Covid-19 crisis, LLOY appeared to be in deep trouble - for years now.

They are still profitable, I wouldn’t worry about administration unless they start making an actual loss, and even then it’s probably years away

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No. Abysmal stock performance is not equal to bankruptcy.

Utter nonsense.

And anyway if it was to the gov/taxpayer will bail it out like in 2008 BUT- what’s REALLY important to remember though is that, it would NEVER have happened if they were not forced in the first instance to save HBOS.

This safeguarding or allocation of cash for bad debts will inevitable not be needed to be used and will go straight into the back pockets of you guessed it - the board.