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Cricut has designed and built a creativity platform that enables an engaged and loyal community of 3.7 million users to turn ideas into professional-looking handmade goods. It has filed to raise $322 million from the sale of its Class A common stock in an IPO. There is also the fact that the Management is headed by Chief Executive Officer Ashish Arora, who has been with the firm since 2012 and was previously General Manager, Digital Home for Logitech International. The firm sells its products through retail stores such as Joann, Michaels,Target and Walmart as well as through its online site and through online ecommerce sites such as Amazon.

New to investing here, so just wanted to see what the take on CRCT was.

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We’ll list this stock on your app later today following its IPO, as soon as it hits the secondary market.

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I never let sentiment sway my judgement when investing. However I have had the opportunity to use many of the Cricut products over the last 15 years or so. They are well built, reliable, they also give excellent and highly proffesional finished projects, even to beginners. Therefore, I have total confidence in the company and their products. I have, and will continue to recommend their products to any one interested. I have every confidence that the Cricut company and their products will go from strength to strength and continue to grow.