Crowdfunding 2023 - 🎈

Same - investing in Freetrade is nothing like me investing in the stockmarket - there was hope but not expectation that I was going to make money from the investment. I believe in the business and want it to be successful.

However, I shan’t be investing this time round as I have invested in 3 previous rounds - good luck to all.


Don’t all companies lose money and issue shares for 10-20 years.

YouTube plug power and all these people saying they keep issuing more shares. But that’s what all companies do at beginning like it’s a bad thing. Just my opinions on it and obviously threy need to find a way to make more money and more clients.

I only invested in the worst round to do so and have mentally written off the money (luckily only a couple hundred quids worth) I also won’t be investing again this time the risk/reward and timescale to liquidity just don’t make it attractive to me, but good luck to all who do invest.

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Can I asky why this is? Because I find myself in the opposite position.

The £9.25 round in my opinion carried more risk and substantially less reward - £2.60 is a much more attractive proposition. And the timescale to liquidity has only got shorter, as the business is a few years older.


With the benefit of hindsight you are correct, truth is the financial world of 925 raise is a vastly different place to where we are today.

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Hello there
Can I get Freetrade plus free for life by investing via Crowdfund? How much investment is required?
Still waiting for JPLG before I upgrade from Basic to Plus.


I don’t think this offer is available, it was from one of the really early crowdfunding rounds.

With a massive reduction in share price, they may think about adding in Plus for life again as an incentive to get people to keep throwing money at them.What people are going to see is Freetrade using the money they gained last time through crowd investing at a very high valuation in such a way that their valuation has now plummeted.

I invested in some of the earlier rounds and thankfully never invested in the last rounds valuation as it was just too much of a jump in price due to conditions that were temporary.

Adding in perks like this though makes it feel like a brewdog situation so i have no idea how they plan on attracting more investor money.

If you have more than £25K to invest, I’m sure you could ask Adam for the Plus for Life perk :thinking:

(Even back in R1/R2 it was significant sums)

Just because people are willing to pay it DOES NOT MEAN THE VALUATION IS CORRECT!!

Most people had/have no clue as to how valuations work!! That round was based on hype!

I would be more inclined to invest in this round if I knew how much skin in the game the directors have.

For example:

  1. What are their salaries and bonuses each year?
  2. Are there any commitments that they will not privately sell their shares, until there is a liquidity event for all shareholders to partake in? (Is this even a thing?or common practice?I am a novice when it comes to investing)

Good luck with the transparency with the questions :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Seems like a reasonable ask?

Salary details of directors are freely and publicly available on Companies House?

They aren’t.

You can’t see what individuals are earning - only what the total amount paid to all directors is.

It depends on how much your investing if it’s reasonable

Currently (as of early June 2023), they have over £7 million as “expressed interest” in their CrowdCube campaign.(source; FreeTrade Crowdfunding 2023: Record Revenue despite Valuation Drop)

Is £7m enough ?

I believe their base case modelling assumes £2-3m so £7m would be fantastic

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They got £2m on a CLN and during a tougher time in terms of company performance. They’ll get more this time round with a clear valuation and whilst things are improving.

Sorry I was referencing how much investment opens up the conversation regarding directors salaries / commitments to exit.

I would have thought a collective £7m should do it…

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