[Crowdfunding] Rnwl - same early investor as Freetrade & other interesting parallelisms with FT

Just sharing that I came across Rnwl on Seedrs. According to their video they have James Gledhill, who is the same early business angel that is behind Freetrade and is a board observer on both.

Pretty interesting proposition IMO. Scalable and in insurance, which I’d love to see being disrupted by a free platform. The team seems to have plenty of experience in starting and scaling businesses.

Plenty of parallelisms with FT, but this time not missing out on the early round.

Any thoughts?


I’ve downloaded the app and it seems very smooth.

Eating for pitch deck access now but it looks like something that could be of interest.

ThebCEO is referred to as a serial entrepreneur, do you know if he’s had any successful exits in a similar space?

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Although it’s nice to see everything in one place, renewing insurance is quite easy thanks to aggregators/PCW so I struggle to see the demand for such a product. They also do reminders when it’s time to renew and if you buy difference insurance products through the same PCW then they help collate it all together. Am I missing the USP?

What parallels do you see with FT other than James Gledhill?

Downloaded the app and agree its a very nice UI and smooth onboarding experience - will definitely be using this as its given me a nice central place to track mot, tax, insurance and breakdown all in one place - im sure there are other tools to do the same but if they can continue to expand into other services (home, life, travel insurance) then it’ll be a nice central location to track these…

Interesting how you looked at it, and I can see why.

I looked at it differently. I never had anywhere where I could see all my insurance policies in one place. PCWs have my details for renewals, but they don’t have any of my insurance policy details, nor I’d trust them with it as they can get quite spammy.

So for me the USP was pretty clear - finally my insurance policies are organised for me! :slight_smile:

The parallelisms with FT that I see are the free app-based approach, the potential for scale and the consumer-first angle. I do think there is a potential of becoming a success story like FT, but in the insurance space.

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I’m not sure. He founded SyndicateRoom and his background seems to be pretty solid according to his LinkedIn.


Relatively new crowdfund investor here, I work in the private markets industry and this has basically become my new hobby, made an account to join the discussion (finally a place with some crowd equity discussions!)

I like the story & team seems v strong, top universities, prior experiences of team members are impressive & serial founder. Would use this app myself as well, have insurance at so many different places, this could definetly add value in time and cost.

I’m still on the fence though;

  • Execution risk from customer acquisitions seems to be the biggest risk here to me, I believe that once they onboard new customers they are able to retain those, but getting those customers might not be so easy. In addition to getting people to sign up there seem to be some barriers in this industry like yearly contracts of existing policies and PCW being an ingrained habit for many. I feel its hard to sell the product on the spot, e.g. I’ve now bumped into this, but am not able to use it as most of my insurance expires summer 2022. I’ll have to remember this and come back then.
  • No VC’s. Its early days though & there are some angels, but they pushed selling it to VCs to mid 2022.
  • If you google ‘Rnwl FCA’ you see that they received their license to operate back in Jan 2020? I’m not too sure whether this is the same as they advertise with, but that puts a whole different light on the pre-revenue stage of the company

Here to learn so would definetly like some views on my points here and many others! Going over the graveyard helped already, I’m not kidding myself that I can get a return higher than public markets, but hopefully some fun & many learnings!


Looks interesting and thanks for sharing! Maybe they could rebrand with an easier name to pronounce? :wink:

Surprised if this hasn’t been offered with Emma/Yolt/Money Dashboard, particularly with their recommendations for utilities etc linked with the comparison sites.

Founder and CEO responded here, but seems to have been removed. He didn’t comment on my question regarding customer acquistion, but did comment on the FCA license;

“FCA authorisation - we became an appointed representative in Jan 2020, which is different from being authorised by the FCA. It was a simple and quick way to be compliant while testing the waters in the very early days of the idea. We are now directly authorised by the FCA, which is what allow us to operate.”

On the VC part:

“No VC’s - We would love to emulate Freetrade’s success, both their growth and their success in bringing their users with them by using crowdfunding. If you look at my background, you’ll see that I’ve always been a huge supporter of crowdfunding and how it allows early adopters to financially benefit should the company become successful as Freetrade has.”

FCA checks out if I check their registration number, with the license granted end of September, so thats great. On the VC part - it’s not per se the capital for me, its more an external validation & someone that looks after my behalf given that we’re not really able to do that as a crowd (assuming VC & us are aligned properly). Am still on the fence given the customer acquisition, and as they intend to return in a later round I’m thinking about sitting this one out until they validate the acquisition / have an early CAC and invest at that point (with higher valuation ofc), preferably alongside a VC.

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I think their customer acquisition can be far better than PCWs. The app became valuable to me immediately. I only go to PCWs when I need to buy an insurance policy.

So if they play it well, they can acquire customers at any point in the year, not only at renewal time.

I wonder if they will have an interesting referral programme - it seems to have worked well with FT.

Shame the CEO’s post was removed. Thank you for sharing the text @Marlinn


This looks interesting, but seems it is just for car insurance? Are other types of insurance on the roadmap?

Yes they are planning to move into other insurances (home/travel/life)

Thanks, just got access to their pitch and it looks good.

Will probably dip my toes in. Does anybody know when the round will end? Can’t see it on the pitch page.

At the top of the page just below their logo it says 19 days left.

Thanks Bob :slightly_smiling_face:

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