Crowdfunding road trip - Manchester 🚐

Our next crowdfunding round will be at the end of June :calendar: The team’s going to be visiting a few cities in the UK to meet our community beforehand :handshake:

After collecting your votes, we’ve chosen to come to Manchester some time during the week beginning the 17th June.

If anyone has any recommendations for locations where we could meet up, please let me know! A dedicated event space - perhaps in a coworking office - would be ideal.

We’ll share more details about our plans and an Eventbrite event so that you can reserve tickets, once we’ve arranged our visits to Birmingham and Leeds too.


Federation House is brilliant. Home of Co-op Digital, Thoughtworks and lots of others.
Co-op: It's What We Do - Co-op

But I’ll see if I can find the right person to contact directly about it.


Is a nice bright spot :+1:


I would recommend Bonded Warehouse it has co-working space and the location is very central, in between Spinningfields and Science Museum. Crystal Maze is next door if you fancy that after the event :slight_smile:

Check the PDF for details, photos and contact for this…

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Looks like I might have to organise a trip up from “sunny” Cornwall to stay with some friends on that date! :laughing:

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@Freetrade_Team1 the events team at Federation is . It’s in the northern quarter, so a lively and interesting part of Mcr.


Excellent, I hope to make this! :grinning:

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Home is a great location

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Great session in Manchester, fantastic to meet all the guys and get to chat to them.

Very excited about Freetrade’s plans and future!

Cheers for the free drinks, free pizza and free socks! :smile:


Fantastic to finally meet you in person, too, Weenie! Great conversations all around, we had fun meeting everyone.

We really enjoyed Manchester, and we’ll definitely come back! :slight_smile:


Here’s a great roundup of the event from @weenie :raised_hands: