Community Meetup - March 18th - cancelled due to coronavirus precautions

Hi everyone

Our next community meetup will be held in London on Wednesday 18 March.

More details and ticket information to follow soon!

After a couple of great events in Manchester and Birmingham last year, we’d also love to take our meetups on the road in the UK again in 2020.

Where should we visit this year?

  • Edinburgh
  • Glasgow
  • Belfast
  • Bristol
  • Leeds
  • Newcastle
  • Cardiff
  • Liverpool
  • Nottingham
  • Southampton
  • Sheffield

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If we missed your city, let us know in the comments below.

In the meantime, you can watch our last meetup here:


:white_check_mark: Hull!


Birmingham, the UK’s second largest city, is really unpopular apparently!

It was in Birmingham last year. I think they want to give other cities a chance at hosting a meet up


Great! looking forward to this!

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Tickets are available now!

As always, community members will get a head start before we share more widely on social.

As well as drinks, snacks, presentations and Q&As from the Freetrade team, we’ll also be filming for a special upcoming video. There’ll be a chance to take part in this and win some special Freetrade prizes!

Hurry, as these tickets usually go fast :running_man:


Signed up, see you there!

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Me too…
Also, filming? Time to shine :star_struck:

Edit: just noticed the address… I used to work there when I was at Charles Stanley :grimacing:

Great stuff!

Taking part in the filming will be optional, and those who’d like to get involved can win some special Freetrade swag.

Yes, this may include socks - but we promise some other things, too :wink:

How to greet people at meetups in 2020:


(Full vid -


shame that I couldn’t make it that day. Would be good to meet the team sometime in future!

The event is now sold out.

We do hope to go ahead with the event, but given the circumstances, we’ll take a check on this nearer the time and follow any official advice.

@piyushsg - we do plan to live stream the event, so maybe you’re able to tune in. And we hope to see you at another event soon!


Bummer, I missed out! :persevere:
If anyone changes their mind about going, I’d be more than happy to attend instead

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thank you! how often do we host community events? each quarter?

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Hello - I can’t make it now, feel free to take my tickets (x3).

I can email them across, just PM me.

Freetrade 2020 and beyond event cancelled.
Yesterday’s email from eventbrite:

A Message from Freetrade:

Hi everyone

We’ve decided to postpone next week’s community meetup due to the coronavirus.

Although we’re sad not to be able to hold the event, we feel it’s the right precaution to take given the official government advice.

We’ll share details of a new date when we can.

Thanks again for snapping up tickets (they sold out in less than 24 hrs!) and we’ll see you again very soon we hope.


Freetrade Team

Surprised nobody had posted this


Why not a live YouTube, or other platform, transmission of the event?