Crowdfunding round seven, Wed 24th Nov 2021 🎉

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Did anyone receive any email on the crowdfunding round this week? I don’t recall seeing one, so just wondering if anything has or will be sent out. I know a number of users that aren’t active on the forum or other social networking platforms that won’t even know about it yet. Would be a mad scramble if they only find out the morning of.

Also, I wonder what marketing is being done on it across the EU, or will they just be relying on the fact that Crowdcube can now accept users across the EU.

I would have thought there would be a lot of communication around all of this. But perhaps they are planning to stagger the marketing and spread the interest over a number of days rather than potentially crashing systems with so much action in just a few hours.

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We did get one about the AMA.

Otherwise I guess the in app message is targeted at all current users, I’ll bet the waitlist in other countries got an email.

I got a personal email from @Viktor telling me about the raise !
Actually it came from… well it might have been a newsletter… Anyway, I think it’s been announced like that :wink:


Coz too many people were guessing 14.14

The rules for the guessing game was set out not knowing that the share price won’t be disclosed till the raise


Because we set the rules at the beginning on the game


I know nothing more than you do but I’m okay with waiting until they release the pitch deck.

Couple of things from last time:

  1. They released the price and asked people not to share it but the internet exists
  2. Pitch deck came out the night before :eyes:

One day I hope for a share price of £420 and a valuation of £69b.


funding secured?!



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I would definitely sell you my stake at £420 a share, DM if interested :wink:

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The Ama product update: Community meetup product update 17th Nov 2021.pdf (1.3 MB)


Are we able to invest using a mobile phone if we get the link below?

  • 10 AM : You will get access to the Crowdcube pitch page through a private link.


I’d check your account and card details are all inputted already but I’ve always used a phone.

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This will be me on Wednesday…


You can use a phone but use a browser to invest instead of the apps, both apps stopped working.


Sucks for people like me who will be working at that time in an RAF base with no phones allowed lol have to nick to the toilet for a quick investment break. Haha



‘‘Twas the night before crowdfundmas and all through the forum
Every member was excited, it was anything but boring;

The emails were registered and checked with care
In hopes that a unicorn :unicorn: soon would be there;
The investors were nestled all snug in their beds,
While dreams of big gains danced in their heads;

When from dark quiet night there arose such a clatter,
They sprang from their beds to see what’s the matter.
Smartphone in hand they flew like a flash,
Debit card in had ready with cash.

What to wondering eyes should appear,
The Canadian badass that others brokers fear.
With his trusted cofounder right by his side
Fetch me some socks aloud I cried!

Soon they were buried in a pile of notes
Investors across Europe, blank checks they wrote;
Come Geraint, Come Alex, Come Shiv, Come Sam!
“Collect up these funds” for Peter to plan.

They spoke not a word, but went straight to work,
For funders they left a nice shareholder perk
From piles of socks the members cheered
No cold feet this year as some sure feared;

Flush with funds Nick Fell began to hum
Jingles and campaigns soon to be run;
While pacing along Duncan looked pensive
To satisfy the users would be too expensive!!

I heard Adam exclaim as they drove out of sight,


Great post.