Crowdfunding (Salinity Solutions)

Salinity Solutions is developing an innovative technology to clean up the world’s water treatment industries. Its first application aims to reduce the high carbon footprint of lithium extraction and help create a cleaner way to fuel our demand for electric vehicle batteries.

  • Desalination tech designed to enable more efficient lithium production
  • Global lithium market estimated to grow x20 by 2040
  • The technology has received over £3m of R&D investment, with patents pending
  • Field trials planned in 2021 with Cornish Lithium

sounds very interesting :smiley:

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thank you :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:

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Currently 95% funded! 23 days left

Currently 173% funded! 8 days left

I missed the shareholder’s update, anyone have a summary?

They going to raise more money.

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New round

102% funded so far

I’m signed up to get the updates on this campaign (already invested in Cornish Lithium quite some time ago) and it’s really got me interested but… incoming rant

There’s no way I’m investing via Crowdcube whilst they have their Success Tax that skims off the top of my crowdfunding success but which doesn’t refund me for my crowdfunding catastrophes. If Crowdcube want the returns from investing then they should accept the risks for investing. I’m happy to pay them a flat fee for their service, I’m not happy to pay them a percentage of my gains. It’s never going to happen.

I’ll be keeping an eye on Salinity Solutions though, it’s a very interesting proposition!

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