[Crowdfunding 🔨] TiPJAR

Opening a topic to discuss TiPJAR (Crowdcube):

I’d never heard of them until the pitch went live, but absolutely love the idea and like many have encountered the issue of wanting to tip but having no cash to hand which is frustrating and an especially bad feeling if you’ve had great service.


Yes, I agree. Great idea - I haven’t fully read into it yet. I’m assuming the idea is that the tip goes directly to the pocket of the employee rather than the company?


Pretty cool. Never heard of them until now either. Thanks for sharing!

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What are people’s thoughts on TIPJAR?

The product looks interesting and I love the idea. I’m struggling to see how they can turn a good idea into a feasible business model though!

What does everyone think?

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I bought in. I think a simple very low % take on each tip would do it. Its volume of transactions that would make it workable.

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I’ve thought more about this one since it’s launch and while I love the idea and believe its approach does solve many issues, I am struggling to get my head around how it will compete with other similar apps (such as Wetherspoons or some others that are around) which allows you to actually order items to your table from it. These apps allow you to both order items and tip at the same time, and given the changes brought about from the pandemic, it seems that the ordering aspect is actually more important than anything else. You can also tip per individual order (for example drinks orders in bars), which also seems more lucrative than a one-off at the end of your tab.

I may take this to discussion in Crowdcube itself but interested to know if anyone has any thoughts about this.

Well personally, since the events of 2016 you couldn’t get me into a Wetherspoons even if everything was free. I assume the app only works in that venue?

Over the years since I’ve become more and more cashless I just don’t really tip anymore. Maybe this app would encourage me too, I’m not sure. I really don’t want the country to end up in a situation like in America where waiting staff are literally counting on tips in order to survive. I think this app will do far better ‘over there’, especially if its model relies on taking a % of all tips. That’s another issue - I’d much rather see venues paying a small subscription for the service rather than a parastic middle man, like Just Eat, skimming off every tip.

Eesh, I have woken up grumpy today!

Nice idea but Personally I’m not sure why I would pay a company to give the tip to someone in front of me.

I used this recently with Honest Burgers. They sent out the QR code with their deliveries during lockdown and add this to receipts when eating out.

Scan and pay, super easy. It was nice to know it bypasses the employee and goes to the people directly too.

It wasn’t about Wetherspoons in particular though they do have a very good app. Apps like W8R exist and allow you to both order and tip:

My point is that TiPJAR in its current form separates the two. It seems inevitable and accelerating that more premises will add technical solutions to ordering for convenience, hygiene and safety, and the question is: will having two completely separate solutions, one for ordering and another for tipping make sense?

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Ah sorry, now I understand your point and it’s a good one.

On a side note, I know a lot of chip and pin machines at bars have an option to tip the staff, though in some pubs I’ve had the staff say “Please press no [on the tip screen] and then enter your pin”.

I’ll probably steer clear of this crowdfunding though, I just don’t seem to know enough about/appreciate tipping culture!