Currency Exchange

I think Freetrade could be a bit more forthcoming with this and explain and detail this clearer. So I get that they take 0.5% (or is it 0.45%?)
Is this for buy and sell? I don’t remember seeing it detailed on the review when you make an order, in the same way that stamp duty is.

Secondly, on each stock it details your gains or losses. Is the exchange fee factorered in to this?

If it’s not, it really should be otherwise I think it’s misleading.

Thanks for your helppppp

As we explain on our pricing page, we convert your pounds to dollars for buys & dollars to pounds using the spot rate + 0.45%. Since this is a conversion rate, rather than a fee, we’re not ‘taking’ something here. We’re passing on the rate that we get from the market, without adding our own markup.

Yes it is.

We display the value of your order in pounds & the equivalent value in dollars whenever you buy or sell a stock.

I’m sorry for repeating myself but just to reemphasise, this isn’t a fee, it’s simply part of price when you pay for your orders.

We’ve explained this in more detail in the ‘What about US stocks?’ section of this blog post -

I hope that helps!