Darkpool activity for US stocks

Has anyone seen any of their US trades showing on the lit exchange?
I cannot see a single trade of mine showing on Nasdaq for example.

Freetrade have responded stating that darkpool is used to offer best value. This is not the case as Nasdaq is displaying a lower cost than received (during the same minute ) upon execution. This doesn’t stack up and going via darkpool doesn’t have any impact on buying pressure for the lit market.

Anyone have any feelings or insight to this?

You assume that there was someone prepared to buy or sell your exact number of shares. I am prepared to believe Freetrade that no bid/offers were available for the price you were expecting. Additionally, I don’t think that Freetrade’s arrangement include partials (but can’t remember).

If you don’t trust Freetrade (or any other broker) then it is best you find a broker you trust. Better for your peace of mind.

Thanks for your feedback, do you have any response to my question :have any of your US trades hit the lit exchange?

People familiar with me will have probably heard this before so sorry if I sound like a stuck record.

Read Flash Boys by Michael Lewis. You’ll realise that for all the best will in the world the game is rigged against you. It’s like playing 5 a side but the other team are allowed to move the goals and foul you. You can still have a good time and score some goals but know you’re not really in control.


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