Deposit funds with PayPal

(Ben) #1

This could be much quicker, easier and simpler than depositing funds through my bank account.

That way when I’m out and decide I want to make a quick trade I don’t have to log into all of my online banking which can take time. It needs to be quick and simple!

(Big Boss) #2

I think there may be an AML issue with that…


If this is possible, I would love to vote for it but I haven’t seen any trading site that accepts Paypal. There must be a reason why it’s not one of the options considering that Paypal is almost everywhere online. I’d like to know that.

(Arif Qazi) #4

Both my IG Index and Plus 500 accounts accept PayPal, spread betting accounts may be covered by different rules though, not sure!


Who’s going to pay the PayPal fees?

(Dimitri John Ledkov) #6

spread betting is classed as gambling not investing; hence they also e.g. accept credit cards, which is not allowed for stock brokers / ISA.

(Dimitri John Ledkov) #7

Please no. It costs a lot of money to accept PayPal as a company (even if limiting to known balance / debit cards only).

(Chris) #8

Can’t ever see this happening. KYC & AML will get in the way as @Justin said. Personally I would take my money and run if this came to fruitiion

(Hugh Grigg) #10

The high fees involved are one reason we wouldn’t consider PayPal for deposits. There are also potential KYC issues with it compared to bank account deposits. They’re not insurmountable but would add extra costs on top of the fees. The reason spread betting accounts can offer it is because they make a lot more profit from every customer on average.