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Taking an absolute beating today. Odd how this is one of my defensive ones because I thought it would be more stable with a slowly growing dividend.

Not an investor. However there was a bit of insight as to whats happening in that sector on Bloomberg this morning around 9:06 am.

It seems the main concern is a slowdown in Latin America. Which has spooked some major investors

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I think in the report it mentioned consumers switching to cheaper brands in Latin America and the Caribbean.

If I read their RNS right, that’s a 20% hit on 11% of their revenue. Drop seems a bit overdone. I topped up at £29, clearly missing the bottom. Sitting near the value of the COVID lows.

Ending the day at £28.50, this is now officially my worst performing stock at -16% but I’m taking the opportunity to top up at this level. I read that during COVID a lot of places bought in bulk at that they envisage orders starting to recover again going into 2024.

Reasonably priced. 5.4 and 5.6% is investment grade.
They missed the boat on lower interest rates. If it’s to purchase more brands then they should be able to find some quality companies and at the moment possibly get them cheaper. Off settings the higher interest.
Obviously I am guessing what they want the money for.

Not on my buying list at this point.
Up 5% over 5 years and not a particularly large dividend. Nor has it grown significantly.
Could be a buying opportunity although I wouldn’t be surprised if it fell further before recovering.
As someone has already said the fall in revenue not huge.
I would suggest legal and general as a better buy with better recovery prospects. One that will pay you to wait.
Don’t own legal and general either.

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Recieved my dividend yesterday. Right on the payment date. Well done Freetrade!