Difference between emerging market ETFs

Hi all!

The EMIM ETF from iShares is given here Freetrade EMIM.

Why is this different to the ETF with the same ticker offered by Hargreaves Lansdown Hargreaves Lansdown EMIM?

Can an ETF with the same ticker vary depending on providers? It seems like the China weighting difference is substantial.

Also, I noticed that Freetrade offers an ETF with ticker SEMA Freetrade SEMA.

EMIM and SEMA (both Freetrade) look very similar, but the weightings are slightly different. They are both accumulating. Does anyone know what the main difference is between these? From the two links provided they look almost identical, apart from EMIM has 502,330,673 shares outstanding compared to 28,400,000 with SEMA.

Why would iShares have two ETFs that are so similar?

They’re different.

Bloomberg Ticker: EIMI LN. This is the important one. It’s EIMI not EMIM. (You need to practise your Morse Code!)


Bloomberg Ticker SEMA LN


Very interesting. Thank you for the reply.

So, the MSCI EM with ticker EMIM in the Freetrade app will correspond to the weightings on the HL webpage? I.e. the tickers in the app correspond to the Bloomberg ticker?

It would be nice if I could view the weightings of the ETFs through the app but I cannot find any documentation that shows this. I can only see the “Key Information Document” and “Costs and Charges” links and neither of these show the weightings.

It looks like EIMI is priced in USD, while EMIM is priced in GBP, so you will lose out on FX fees on EIMI. That said you volume is probably higher on the USD one and the costs might be better.

Not sure if there are any other differences, TBH. I’ve not yet looked into any of the EM ETFs.

The iShares Core MSCI Emerging Markets IMI UCITS ETF (Acc) is in GBP and has ticker (EMIM).
Initially, I thought that EMIM was the GBP version of EIMI shown here EIMI.

The link has the same name as the ETF in the app.

I am now confused to whether the Freetrade iShares Core MSCI Emerging Markets IMI UCITS ETF (Acc) is the ETF in the link above or if it is the ETF given here HL.

I.e. if I buy some stocks from Freetrade iShares Core MSCI Emerging Markets IMI UCITS ETF (Acc) am I buying into EIMI or HL?

I am not sure if Freetrade is showing the Bloomberg ticker or the “standard” ticker.

Actually, I think they are the same.

I looked at the fact sheet on HL and the weightings by country are pretty much the same as shown iShares.

I was confused because on HL if you click “Top 10 Countries” it shows only 13.42% China and 13.58% Hong Kong, but the fact sheet shows a total weighting of 34.16% China. If you combine the Hong Kong and China percentages it only adds to 27%. I am not sure where the extra 7.16% on the fact sheet comes from.

Does anyone know why the percentages do not add up? I.e. comparing the factsheet percentages to the top 10 countries on HL?

Probably because the info on the HL website is likely out of date. Go with the fact sheet, or use the info from the ishares website.