Do you / will you use ISAs?

(Harry) #48

Honestly I don’t know how or if this is disclosed/used with other platforms. I don’t actually know who does or doesn’t do this.

I work within a wealth management firm and that is how we do it, it’s disclosed in the fine print we give to clients.

Can’t speak on behalf of others!


It just seems much cleaner and straightforward to have fees taken by direct debit in a transparent way that’s entirely separate from investment moneys.

That’s my 2p, anyway.

(Emma) #50

Random thought, how do dividends work in the ISA? If you invest £20,000 on the 5th April and throughout the year you get £500 dividends, does that push you over the limit?

(JamieP) #51

You don’t need to worry, distributions received from stocks already held within the ISA wrapper do not count as additional subscriptions.


And I can only speak from experience with my own providers! :smile:

So with my providers, the ISA fee is taken from cash sitting in my ISA account.

Note that this cash could also be made up of dividend income I have received (and not withdrawn or reinvested) so the fees might not come out of my actual capital investment.

If your investments generate at least £36 in income, this would cover all the fees.