Does freetrade earn a small interest on uninvested cash balances?

Due to the uncertain markets a lot of people are keeping their ISA holdings in Cash. I assume Freetrade earns some small interest on uninvested cash balances? In the future (perhaps once you’re profitable), would you be looking to pass on a slice of the interest earned to clients? Thanks!

Was reading an article in Telegraph on other platform’s stance on the matter:

*Revealed | The best and worst performers

  1. ​Willis Owen – 0.55pc to customers and keeps nothing
  2. Best Invest – 0.35pc to customers and keeps nothing
  3. AJ Bell – pays 0.15pc
  4. Hargreaves Lansdown – creamed £36m last year. Passes on 0.15pc
  5. Smart Investor – 0.15pc through the investor saver account
  6. Interactive Investor – pays nothing to customers
  7. Alliance Trust Savings – due to be incorporated into Interactive Investor
  8. Charles Stanley Direct – pays nothing. Creamed £2m last year
  9. Share Centre – pays nothing up until 3.5pc
  10. Fideltiy – pays nothing
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Wouldn’t they be better having a cash isa then?

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Based on the Freetrade business model:
We don’t pay interest on cash balances
We earn interest on customer cash balances held with us

Assuming this keeps fee free/low cost trading available along with no platform fees.
The first option would be to make instant trades free (instead of £1).

Interest on cash very unlikely in short-medium term.

A lot of people would need to be leaving a lot of uninvested cash in for that to be cost effective


I wonder how much each of these companies charge management fees and charge for each transaction? Freetrade have a great model for its customers and not paying interest is an incentive to customers to either withdraw it or invest it.