Interest on cash - SIPP


Is the 3% interest paid on cash balances up to £4k applicable to SIPP’s?

If so, I’m assuming it’s just 3% up to £4k balance, then anything over @ 0%?

Many Thanks

Sounds about right

Don’t think it’s paid for SIPP’s which is what I’m asking!

Only other options are let it sit at 0% and be eroded by inflation, money market funds (but do carry risk) or invest properly (which rn I think is a big risk)! I really want some risk free %interest on my free cash

It’s paid for all accounts (GIA, ISA,SIP)

I only have a sipp and get a few pennies interest paid each month.

The above is a total lie, it’s an isa I have with ft :rofl::rofl::rofl:

My sipp is with vanguard, apologies I get easily confused.

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You have £4,000 uninvested in any of the accounts?

I did have around £4k uninvested in my ISA for a while (emergency cash), until I was able to get higher than 3% interest elsewhere in a cash ISA.

There was always a temptation to invest, so I’m kind of glad it’s not there any more :laughing:

Also, I do get the odd few pennies of interest paid in my Freetrade SIPP, but that’s a recent thing.


Yeah from cash you might be sitting on etc for a buy in I got a few pennies as well for my £150.injust pay the yearly cost for my standard account and that that.

I’ve got a penny interest in my SIPP last month. First time I’ve seen it. Some of the documentation I’ve seen suggests that the SIPP might not pay interest, which is why I’ve tried to keep the cash balance the low, however would be nice to get a bit of interest whilst saving up for larger shares.

The archive for the FAQ page I linked to from March '23 mentions only GIA and ISA

The current page also mentions SIPP and that the article was updated over a week ago.

Current: How is cash interest calculated for Plus plan members? | Support

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Are there any plans to increase these rates, they are just so poor now


This was on the christmas list and remained unchecked.


Indeed. Would be good to get an update from Freetrade on this now T212 have increased their rates considerably @acamp ?


Update yesterday on increasing interest rate.


Thanks for these links.

Do you have any idea, in what order the interest is paid? I found this and It used to be ISA then GIA. I wonder where SIPP fits in this.

Let’s say you are waiting to invest £5,000 across your two Freetrade accounts: you have £3,000 cash in your ISA and £2,000 in your GIA. We will apply the interest to the full £3,000 in the ISA first, and then to the £1,000 remaining in your £4,000 cash cap from the GIA.


I’m not sure on the order, good question. Maybe ask FT, seems like that’d be useful info on the link. It looks like they update it regularly as it now mentions 5%.

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