[Solved] Interests on cash are calculated incorrectly

Hey Freetrade Community,

Updated May 22: it was my mistake and I was not on a Plus plan. Please disregard the rest of the post.

Just wanted to get a sense if my problem is unique or it is more widespread and highlight that it might make sense to check interests which are being paid to your accounts.

I believe that Freetrade incorrectly calculated interests on the cash I have on my account.

During whole April month I had >£4000 cash every day. I’m using the following math to get an idea of how much I should have received: 4000 * 0.03 / 365 * 30 ~= 9.86. Though, for the April month I’ve received just £1.64.

Appreciate community input on this (and hopefully official reply on the matter).

Hey @max_log

What accounts are you holding this cash in (GIA, ISA, SIPP)?

That does seem quite far off what interest should have been paid. I know there was an issue with how some client’s interest was being calculated, but this sounds different.


Hey @acamp,

Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately I couldn’t delete pending message for the community post, but I’ve figured that out. I had ISA, but I was not on the Plus plan and got confused. Sorry for the incorrect information I’ve provided in my original post.

I’ve updated the initial post, please feel free to close this topic.


Cool thanks!