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Hello. Can anyone provide me with a link to the detailed fees and charges schedule for the investment ISA product. I’ve searched high and low on the web site but just can’t find any detail. For example, I’m trying to determine whether there are any charges for holding cash in the ISA, also to confirm that there are no fees for dividend reinvestment and things like that. It’s important for me to me to see a formal / official schedule produced by Freetrade themselves to ensure that there are no “hidden” charges that they choose not to declare in the high level competitor price comparison illustration on their web site

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Can’t help you with a link but I’ve had an ISA for over two years now and the only fee I’ve paid is the £3 per month.

I’ve never been charged for any cash held in the account. There is no automated reinvestment of dividends to be charged for: you just reinvest it yourself.


No hidden charges, the fee structure was kept simple for this reason, no costs for keeping cash and, dividend reinvestment are free as buying shares are free still, but if you purchase the plus they pay you interest at 3 percent up to 4k in cash so plus including Isa will technically be free


Automatic dividend reinvestment is not available at present.


From experience as a customer I can confirm that costs and charges are exactly as advertised.

There are no charges for holding cash in the ISA. Stand alone ISA costs £3.00.

When we buy UK listed stocks we pay a 0.5% stamp duty tax, ie it’s not a hidden fee by Freetrade, but a tax imposed by the state on all buy transactions regardless of the stock broker we use.

When we buy/sell US listed stocks Freetrade charges us 0.45% on top of the FX spot rate as advertised.

I have a Plus subscription. Not only I don’t pay anything for holding cash in the ISA, I also get paid 3% interest for any funds up to £4000 I hold in my accounts.

Freetrade doesn’t offer a DRIP feature. We can, however, reinvest the dividends we receive as we please without any other cost than the ones already mentioned.

I believe, at the time of writing, there’s nothing else to declare, when it comes to pricing or charges, beyond what shows in the Pricing page. It’s just simple like that.

Hope this helps


Ha! Thank you, not a deal breaker but good to know.

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Not yet. The CEO has confirmed they’re building ‘autopilot’ for automatic deposit investments but not confirmed if this include dividend reinvesting

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Others have already answered this. But, yes, the dividends will be paid into your ISA and you spend them in the same way as the funds you deposit into the ISA.

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