Does Freetrade share user data with HMRC?

Does HMRC have visibility of every user transaction, or just a summary, or nothing?

When it’s time to report capital gain tax, would HMRC check if what I submitted in the self assessment matches 1:1 every single transaction I did on Freetrade?
I have quite a few transactions I may have to report and I wouldn’t want that a small mistake/mismatch in reporting (especially with fractional shares) would raise God knows what red flags and I’d have the HMRC SWAT team come and get me.


Due to data protection I don’t think they can share. What they can do is look at individual accounts and freetrades and check by comparison, but it would have to be pretty serious to warrant an investigation. You are much more likely to be audited, as a general rule in which case your arse is grass mate. Keep your accounts proper and you’ll have nothing to worry about.