Dollar Cost Averaging - Why do Freetrade make it so hard?

Rule 101 of passive investing is to DCA over a long period of time. I have been using this method for years with my Vanguard ETF account, I now want to do this with stocks but with Freetrade, why is it so hard?

Why is there no automated investing? i.e X amount per week / month into X stock. Doing it manually is fairly time consuming (considering I have a selection of 20+ stocks) and its also very hard to see when and the last price you bought in at (Vanguard show your DCA’d positions on the stock line graph you are buying into).

Any advice on how to make this process easier would be great, thanks all!


This isn’t a service currently provided by Freetrade, but something they are considering for the future as other users have requested it.

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All of the Freetrade staff invest every month as part of getting the customer experience, so this and similar features will be on their radar.

An approach in the meantime might be to setup a standing order into your Freetrade account and then allocate manually, perhaps alternating holdings every other month if you have a large number of holdings.

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Adam has confirmed they’re planning this feature and have christened it “Autopilot”. It’ll come but there are lots of mouths to feed and only so much time.

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