Regular Automatic Portfolio Investing?

I’m new to Freetrade. I originally signed up back in 2017 or 2018 I think before it launched but didn’t know my NI number so I wasn’t able to sign up until now when I have found out. It is ridiculous that you need this and they don’t accept any other ID for Brits. I really hate all these MIFIDII and other regulations etc that we get hassled with for ID and dealing in complex investments it just annoys me. The Government thinks we are all babies and wants to nanny us!

Anyhow. Does Freetrade allow you to have your regular portfolio style investments as you can with Stockpile, M1, Stash, Betterment, etc?

So for example, if you wanted to buy shares in just four stocks every month e.g. Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google (not that you’d necessarily want to LOL), by standing order you can send the money and it is split into 25% portions and allocated to buy the equivalent amount in stock or fractions of stock for those four companies regularly?

Is this possible in Freetrade? I read a post from 2018 in the community where it was talked about and seemed to indicate it was possible through the discovery tab? [Feature Request 🔧] Auto Investment 🤖 📈

Thank you!

Why would that be useful? The point of an investment account is to regularly rebalance your portfolio. Have a look at how mr Burns stopped checking his investments: I Need Some Honest Answers (The Simpsons) - YouTube

You can do that with a portfolio style account like the ones I mentioned. I was asking if it is possible with freetrade. If anyone has any useful answer I’d love to hear.

This auto-allocate function of funds into stocks isn’t currently available with Freetrade.

It’s also not in the roadmap. Disappointed as the competitor has launched in beta recently.

It’s an incredibly useful feature as it also allows for automatic rebalancing. You can decide what % you want each stock/ETF to be of your overall portfolio and the system automatically invests in those proportions when you deposit.

This feature would be a game changer. And it is my fear that the first UK broker to implement these M1 Finance type features will win the game. And unfortunately, FreeTrade has already missed the chance to be the first.

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