Double CGT taxation in Europe


I was wonding if there were any other European countries that in effect will tax you on capital gains if you buy shares where the company is incorporated in that jurisdiction.

For the record Spanish shares are taxed in both the UK and Spain and an overseas shareholder is not exempt form paying capital gains tax to Spain, even if the assets were held in a UK ISA.

I have an email from a tax advisor specialising in Spanish shares. I would be happy to provide this as evidence on request.

I’m pleased freetrade is now offering us EU stocks but is there any other country (whather freetrade offers it at present/or not yet) that has a similar arrangement.

Disclaimer: I and most on this community are not tax advisers. Please do your own research and consult a tax adviser if still unsure.


Good spot. I’d guess maybe they’ll leave Spain until last then and maybe even delayed until they can get the right messages in apl.