Managing portfolio on holiday

So I’m going on holiday to spain, is it possible to manage my portfolio whilst I’m there or will I be fully out of control of them until I come back.

Furthermore I’m planning on moving over there, the only reason I haven’t yet is because my shares are tied to freetrade which are US stocks.

I know when I got the US stocks I digitally signed the W8-BEN form which to my understanding means that when I sell them my 15% tax is paid out to the US. (I could be wrong I’m pretty new to all this)

How would i go about transferring them to another broker in spain if I can’t use freetrade over there?

Any help is very much appreciated,

You can use the app internationally but if you were to permanently relocate you wouldn’t be able to keep your Freetrade account … at the moment. An expansion into the EU is coming - it could be months ago still though

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