Dyson 🪭 - Private Company Chat

Great company, longevity and inovation

Dyson is not a public company. You can’t buy shares.

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Welcome to the community. Unfortunately Dyson is a private company, so won’t be on Freetrade even if we’d like it to be!

Still, we can discuss Dyson in this thread. They make wicked vacuum cleaners and air purifiers.

And ventilators to help the NHS:

This article about the failed electric car project shines a light on Dyson’s culture:

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I have a related anecdote.

When my partner was 1st training as a Nurse she did a spell in AAU (Acute Assessment Unit) it’s essentially A&E overflow for those with less serious conditions.

Anyway patient comes in and they need to do a Doppler with the ultrasound scanner and send her to go and collect it from the store cupboard. She dutifully popped to the store cupboard, not exactly knowing what this scanner would look like and came back with this:

(A Dyson Hot & Cold fan for those struggling to keep up).


:blush: clearly need to do my homework. Great story

“The core challenge was how to design and deliver a new, sophisticated medical product in volume and in an extremely short space of time. The race is now on to get it into production,” he said.

He added: “Ventilators are a regulated product so Dyson and TTP will be working with the Medicine and Healthcare Regulatory products Agency and the Government to ensure that the product and the manufacturing process is approved.

“We have received an initial order of 10,000 units from the UK Government which we will supply on an open-book basis. We are also looking at ways of making it available internationally.”

Dyson to cut 1000 jobs in the UK