Toilet paper companies

Hi guys and gals,

Been reading the news and think this is a great time to put a chunk of cash into toilet paper companies. Does anyone have good suggestions for one’s that are available on FreeTrade? I think there’ll be a good short term boost from the coronavirus but I think also a good long term bet. You’ll always need toilet paper!

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Oh dear…i have nothing else to say… This is media hype if you’re fond of the BBC, Guardian et al :roll_eyes:


Proctor & Gamble and Kimberly Clark make the bigger brands I think.

Crap thinking though, literally :wink:

FFS I am going to deride this. Who in their right mind requests something of this nature hoping to gain financially from the deaths of others!

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They are asking about toilet paper companies, how is this gaining from the deaths of others :thinking:

There are threads about what stocks to buy now because of the corona virus crisis, why is this toilet paper thread any different?


The main difference is most other threads are asking about which stocks to buy because they’ve dipped.

Toilet paper company stock, on the other hand… well, the time to buy would’ve been last week or earlier. Trying to be reactive doesn’t seem like the best strategy for long-term investing - you’ll end up buying high and the seeing a dip after the market corrects for everyone rushing in.

(Obligatory clarification, this is not investment advice, only my opinion)

We better make sure Dignity Plc is never added to the platform then! And remove Imperial Brands and BAT.


It seems like toilet paper companies are part of larger consumer goods companies.

I think it might be better to invest in physical toilet paper as a commodity.


As Codf mentioned above Proctor & Gamble and Kimberly Clark are big manufactures of tissue and toilet paper. PG makes brands such as Bounty, Angel Soft and Scott whilst KC makes brands such as Kleenex. Both stocks are available on Freetarde

If you are looking for a UK based producer of toilet/tissue paper, then look at Accrol Group. But the company has run into financial problems in the past so just a word of caution.

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Agree, I’m not saying toilet paper companies are a a good opportunity or not now, my comment was more about why other threads with “opportunities” because of coronavirus were OK, but this one suddenly became morally wrong, as the comment I responded to suggested.


Toilet Roll? why not hand sanatiser or rubber gloves

Protective gear companies have been on a roll - year to date graphs with last trading day’s performance in brackets:

Allied Healthcare Products - NASDAQ:

Lakeland Industries - NASDAQ:

Alpha Pro Tech - NYSE:

Just not this one - 3M - NYSE:

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:freetrade: Lockheed Martin
:freetrade: Boeing
:freetrade: Northrop Gumman
:freetrade: Raytheon
:freetrade: Chemring Group
:freetrade: Meggitt
:freetrade: Honeywell
:freetrade: G4S
:freetrade: iRobot
BAE Systems
Babcock International

The list could go on.


I don’t see the opportunity here - there is no “use by” date on toilet paper.
So if people stock pile it today, they will just end up buying none / less in a few weeks time once the panic buying stops.


What’s Dignity’s stock ticker symbol?


any good ‘growth’ in that stock ?

Maybe in the end we’ll get a new cryptocurrency that will solve all our troubles. It’s been 12 years since Bitcoin and I need a reason to buy a new GPU.


This is most likely a bad idea. COVID-19 is been over-hyped by the media and people would have to buy A LOT of toilet paper to make a difference to the stock price. And if it gets that serious, we won’t be thinking about our portfolios but instead our survival.

I think you’ve figured out why it’s specifically toilet paper that people are buying there. When the panic blows over there’s no negative consequence to having the stockpile. You haven’t wasted money on food that you can’t eat before it expires, you just don’t need to buy any more of it for a while.

What I don’t get is Coronavirus in no way makes you ‘loose’.

So why do people think toilet paper would be something you need lots of?

Anticipating self-isolating for two weeks and being worried they won’t have enough for all the family for all that time, especially if (as is apparently the case) they don’t keep an extra multipack of rolls as a matter of course. That would be my guess.

And also the people who see all the toilet rolls going and think they’d better stock up as well just in case, even though they don’t need it. Damn fools.

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