Easy way to find green/eco companies?

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Some of my interests are in the green/eco movements as more and more “green” companies are starting up and some that may be transitioning into the stock markets, my question is, do any of you know of websites or ways to keep track of these companies, even if they are currently not on the market?


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They are listed on the discovery tab.

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The world is slightly larger than the Freetrade discovery tab! I’m afraid it’s all about reading / researching, industry bodies (the Hydrogen Council for example) provide good info. Also company presentations are often a useful way of finding new companies in the same industry. The less well known the more potential upside there is.

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I have a couple of regular places to keep an eye out:



and I also keep an eye on www.Reddit.com/r/futurology sometimes they have interesting news. Also the New Scientist Magazine has the occasional piece, as does Popular Mechanics magazine. And I’ve found Fully Charged youtube to be really enjoyable, as well as B1M and Real Engineering youtube channels, which then have a good ‘also might like’ recommendation list. For example the idea of building a wall between Scotland and Norway is on the cards should we not prevent climate change in the coming half century, which is mind blowing in terms of where to allocate investment; cement, to create a lagoon tidal power system, because of rising sea levels flooding most of Europe which will affect property values in low areas. Longer term worries perhaps but sooner than you think.

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Does anyone know a lot about ESG scores or has a good article I can go to to educate myself?

I’m not 100% on esg but the investopedia article is quite good https://www.investopedia.com/terms/e/environmental-social-and-governance-esg-criteria.asp

What I’m suspicious about is the quite limited nature of esg scores. For example ESGV Vanguard ETF lists Coca Cola at the very top of its holdings alongside other major offenders of the environment, current and historic. Like a lot of trendy causes it feels like greenwashing but there will be a real hard to measure impact, so it’s difficult to measure the actual green-ness https://www.marketwatch.com/investing/fund/esgv/holdings

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Hey Gary, it’s a really interesting space for sure, and there are some more things we want to explore here.

We did write a piece earlier this year on some trends in this space:

You can also check out this new Collection of Green energy companies on your app:

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I also run an electric vehicle forum at:

The forum will feel very familiar to anyone here as it’s run on the same software. Please feel free to come say hi!

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