Green/Sustainable companies

If I wanted to build a portfolio around UK based green or sustainable companies, how would I find them?
I’ve found a few in the green energy discovery section, any other ideas?

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Google. Helps with all questions.

Come on @SebReitz we’re better than that.

@SB426 you need to be a little careful with green tech has it’s been on a bit of a year recently with some companies carrying quite high valuations.

I can see how my comment might be interpreted as sarcasm, but that actually wasn’t the intention. It was the only correct answer to this question imho. :sweat_smile:

Typing “UK green energy companies” in google and following the links will be the best way. The internet contains almost all of humanity’s knowledge and google is by far the best method to query the database of human knowledge.


Agreed, could have been taken the wrong way, but I didn’t!
I was looking for suggestions so I could go an research them. Looks like a serious Google sesh might be in order.
Also not just green energy, I’m looking at general green and sustainable ethics in a company.

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I hold a few and keep finding more.

Greencoats wind
Forsesight solar
Nextenergy solar
Bluefields solar
Diversified energy company
Mast energy

Maybe they are not the kind of green companies you were looking for. But they came to mind.

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I didn’t mean sarcastic @SebReitz but were a helpful bunch here normally - you especially, just nudging you to bring your A game!

@ sb426 If you’re looking for green / ethical then the shorthand you need is ESG. which means Environmental, social, governance.

If you want hands of ETF when look for £V3AM from Vangaurd