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Appears to be uninvestable in the short term due to accounting issues

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For the time being it looks that way and I’m sure that the share price will reflect these issues once they’re unsuspended. But once they get their house in order it could be a great long term investment especially buying at these prices.

Stobart Group Ltd (LSE: STOB) is a British infrastructure and support services company, with interests in energy, aviation and rail, through operations in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The company is registered in Guernsey but has its operational head office in Carlisle, England.

Please can we have this stock please! :slight_smile:

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Anyone have any idea why this stock has gone up so much recently?

I know they’re changing to the Logistics Development Group and will become a logistics investment firm, but there doesn’t seem to be any recent news for the kind of spike I’ve seen in the stock this week.

Someone on the inside knows something perhaps?

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Brexit hype and extra demand for haulage?

Any information on the sudden drop?