ThinkSmart - TSL

ThinkSmart is a leading digital payments company with a proven history of innovation in point of sale retail finance. The company is listed on the AIM London Stock Exchange and is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Today TSL is down more than 10%, probably due to the news that buy now pay later will face regulation in the UK. Do folks think they’re smart enough to maintain profits and continue to grow in spite of regulations?

Not worried about regulation. Lending, gambling, trading etc have all been regulated and continue to thrive as industries. Most BNPL customers don’t pay a penny in interest.

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The market agreed with you by the close! I doubled down and am sitting very close to break even now. I’m going to hang in there. And I keep being offered BNPL whenever I buy online!

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ThinkSmart shares today after Square Inc’s (NYSE: SQ) deal to acquire Afterpay.

TSL holds 10% holding in Clearpay UK which was valued at £106m in Dec 2020.

The SP is estimated to be around 132p from what I’m reading.


I wonder if this is going to :airplane:? :thinking:
Thoughts anyone? :thinking:

It already is:-)

Fair value is estimated to be 140p at minimum. Some analysts have it higher than 160p.

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Still waiting for the big return with the war weighing heavily. Now an October shareholders vote is on the cards to allow the big players to buy us out at the bottom, imho. Thompson in Investors chronicle suggests we should vote against and I will.