Is fintech the future?

To say the sector is going to be heavily under scrutiny, many of the fintech companies are still booming, with share prices still mooning.

RBS is fintech, as is HL. Perhaps your more talking about neobanks and startups

It would be far, far worse if the fintech sector wasn’t under scrutiny.

I was thinking more along the lines of buy now and pay later companies

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What buy now pay later companies are listed ?

What exactly defines something as fintech? The definition I googled could have covered so many companies it would have become a meaningless label.


How is buy now - pay later a technology? Most new financial companies brand themselves fintech, but 50% don’t even have a tech element. This scheme has existed for decades already.


I’ve got TSL for one but I’m sure there’s more

they have a PC lying around the office and call themselves tech so they can get a free pass for burning through cash for 10 years before making any profit :wink:

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In other news Lego announce new Blockchain venture, share price soars.

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@Louis :joy::joy::joy:

After pay are going to be part of Square so that’s one.


Old but gold


Meh, a friend asked me to invest in Ziglu via Seedrs. I put in a small amount but I don’t really believe it will work out. Looks like they only have 3000 or so clients, that is not sustainable. Their crypto offering is also a bit dodgy. I really only invested because my friend would get som referral credit.