Further - new investment platform

Hi all - have been following crowdfunding discussions on here for a while as me and my team have been building a new investment platform, called Further. We’re keen to hear from investors before we launch, if anyone has 2 minutes it would be great to hear your thoughts on a survey we’ve created?

This has been flagged by moderators for linking externally so if you are open to doing a survey, just drop a note below and I’ll send a message to you. Have had some great feedback already from the community here so hope it can continue!

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Hi Rob, what will Further’s aim be?

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Hey Rod. Top-level will be to open up a new asset class that retail investors have previously been locked out of. We’ll be able to share a bit in a few weeks - I’ll look to post on this thread when we’re live so you can take a look?

Just done this @robfurther - Interesting from what questions you asked :wink: I asked the VC firm that invested in the company I am at now and they said they have a £50,000 minimum, hence my answer of “it requires more capital outlay.”

Good luck and I’m excited to see the sneak peak. (Pardon the email address I used, it just helps to reduce spam).

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