Shipping stocks

Hi there all,

am looking to buy a shipping stock,
Can you lovely people suggest any please?

I don’t recommend anything here…

but these are some I was looking at recently.

Remember to do your own research.


hope that helps.

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Zim, Hapag-Lloyd, Maersk, Starbulk Carriers.

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Hi there carl thanks for replying back.

I am Really great full for your opinion, and ill do research on these stocks thank you again .

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Hi cerbera 14 thank you for replying and your opinion, thanks

Triton looks good I am not a financial advisor - do your own research

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As you say Carl, recommendations are against the community rules: Community rules

We would always encourage people to do their own research on investment choices.


Clarkson plc: £CKN

DYOR, of course.